Longview’s transparent and robust investment process is disciplined, objective and consistent.

  • Disciplined – We believe that long-term returns can be best achieved through the implementation of a clearly defined, iterative and repeatable investment process that is well understood by both the Research Team and our clients.
  • Objective – We focus on a bottom-up, evidence-based process that minimises subjective judgements and seeks to reduce the influence of behavioural biases.
  • Consistent – Our process is consistently applied across our investment universe by our Research Team. We are open-minded but accept that some types of companies are unlikely to pass our investment process as every investment must pass all three of our independent Investment Criteria.

The investment process judges companies on three independent Investment Criteria – Quality, Fundamentals and Valuation. To be eligible for inclusion in the portfolio or to remain in the portfolio, a company must pass all three of these criteria.

The independence of the Quality and Valuation criteria ensures that no company is of such high quality that any valuation will be accepted, and no company can ever be so cheap that we would compromise on Quality.