At Longview, we support leading organisations that promote and develop best practices for sustainability and stewardship principles in the industry.

We have been a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2010. The PRI is a UN-supported network of investors that works to promote sustainable investment through the incorporation of environmental, social and governance factors into investment decision-making.

We have also been a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code since 2011. The UK Stewardship Code sets high standards for stewardship, with a focus on activities and outcomes with the aim of improving the opportunity for the delivery of sustainable long-term investment. Please click here to read our latest report on how we comply with the Principles of the UK Stewardship Code for asset managers on behalf of our clients.

Longview became a co-signatory to the ‘Global Investor Statement to Governments on the Climate Crisis', in 2021 and 2022, coordinated by the Investor Agenda. This network brings together a regionally diverse body of global investors to urge governments to implement specific priority policy actions that will enable them to invest the trillions needed to respond to the climate crisis. A copy of the letter can be viewed below.

Download the '2022 Global Investor Statement to Governments on the Climate Crisis' Letter

Longview is also a member of several other industry bodies which have varying roles to ensure that aspects of the overall financial system function well and that systemic risks are highlighted, understood and addressed. These include:

Our ESG Policies and related resources

Responsible Investment and Engagement Policy

Shareholder Activism Policy

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Stewardship Code Report

UNPRI Public Report

Shareholder Rights Directive II Policy

Shareholder Rights Directive Annual Disclosure 

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”)